CP Orders

A streamlined order entry app for mobile devices.

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Improve customer satisfaction with the ability to enter orders in the field and on the go!


Build Collections


Build plant collections on the desktop, then sync to your device when you're ready.

Include Images


Add thumbnails to your product catalog.

Omit Images


Or, format your catalog as a list.

Email Order

Add Products

Email orders to anyone at anytime from anywhere.

Upload Order

Upload Success

Mobile orders upload to a holding place where you can review them and turn them into shipping orders.



Control when and where your device syncs to the server, saving valuable data and battery life.

Want to see more features? Check out the slide show at the bottom of the page.


Put your own stamp on our apps and distribute them to your customers! We'll change the name, startup page, and logo for you, and then submit the apps for approval. Customers must provide their own graphics.


Preview CP Orders here. Compatible with iOS & Android devices.
iPhone users: Download the app for free from the iTunes App Store.
Android users: Click here to automatically download the APK installer.


Costs include an initial setup fee and a monthly support fee, which varies according to hosting arrangements. The base price covers licenses for up to 10 devices, with the option to purchase additional licenses.